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Default Re: Seattle: no margin for error

Originally Posted by hardwork
First of all, AustinSeahawk, I'm not a Steelers fan. I'm a Patriots fan. Secondly, forget the stats. You have to put the pigskin in the end zone. You can have control of it all day but if you don't score with it that means nothing.

The Steelers let you have the underneath patterns then they came up and smacked your receivers. You couldn't go vertical on them. When you tried you threw the ball out of bounds. Further, your team just isn't a seasoned team. They don't have what it takes, for whatever reason, to look down the barrel of a gun and keep right on going.
Well forgive me for thinking you were a Steelers fan. Perhaps it was your post count of over 500 in this forum, or maybe the way you seemed to be beating your chest with black and gold pride.

In any event, we did put the "pigskin in the end zone". And then the ref took it away. Later we put it on the 1 yard line, and the ref took it away. Big Ben didn't put it in the end zone, but the ref was all too happy to signal touchdown once Ben placed it across the line.

Our QB threw for nearly 300 yards on the Steelers, and Alexander gained 95 yards on the new Steel Curtain. We won more games this year than any team in the NFL (15), easily clinching the NFC crown, and darn near beat the Steelers, and you say we aren't a seasoned team? Hmmm...
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