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Default Re: This Seahawks fan's two cents, for what it's worth

Like many people, I have seen this photo being passed around the internet. To the casual observer, it may look convincing, but it's not.

What you think is the ball crossing the line is, in fact, Ben's right arm, tape and all. The ball is actually under his chest, a few inches back. If you go back on the game tape (assuming you TiVo'd it), you'll see that he actually loses control of the ball for a split second before landing on it. He then grabs it and places it across the line.

In any event, it's a moot point. I honestly believe that if faced with a fourth and goal, you would have gone for it and scored anyway. That play is not one of the ones that bothers me the most.

By the way, thanks for the nice welcome and comments, guys. We're all football lovers here, and friendly rivalries make the game more fun.
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