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Default Re: The Torch Has Been Passed

..... I guess I'm one of the 'older-generation' now.....

I'm 46+, have no children of my own, so I have no-one to 'share' this with.....

I've LIVED & DIED with the Stillers from the late-'60s on, and while you talk about 16,000 showing-up now to watch Sid Crosby, I used to be one of 4,500 watching that team of 'pointy-headed flight-less birds' 10 YEARS before Mario showed-up in town.....

having-said-that (and NO, I'm NOT Stan Savran ), I have cringed for years for the current crop of players each time I've heard "One-for-the-Thumb" mentioned:
it is disrespectful, at-best.

I am THRILLED for this current generation of Stiller fan, for them to witness their team claiming a well-deserved Championship of their own:
my neighbor is 'just' 33, and he barely-remembers SB-XIV, but as we've already spoken, he'll remember Parker jumping into the endzone, Roethlisberger lobbing an under-thrown pass that will be intercepted, and Ward 'skipping' past a defender to 'SEAL-THE-DEAL' on his death-bad, just as I will recall Dwight White playing in SB-IX with a bad-case of pnuemonia, Lambert tossing Cliff Harris like a rag-doll in SB-X, and John Stallworth bending-backwards on "60-HOOK-and-GO" in SB-XIV when I am close to death.

You kids enjoy this while it lasts:
it may-not happen again in your lifetime.
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