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Default Re: Seattle: no margin for error

Seattle played well and could have won the game. Its sad that the officals have taken the cake on this. I think the push off was a penalty. Has it been let go before, YES, have i seen them call it in games before, YES. When I went back to look at it, Jackson pushed off by exteneding his arm. Whether it was hard or not, it is creating separation. Its a judgment call and I have seen it let go and penalized. The holding on locklear is a freakin BLATANT hold. I cant understand why this is even being debated. Haggens turned the corner and Locklear held him on his shoulder pad, if he doesnt do that haggans kills Hasselbeck. I was yelling for the holding way before he even threw the ball and the refs threw the flag right away on that.

Hasselback's clipping call was dumb, I know because the steelers got called on that a month ago. And Ben's TD may or may have not gone in. But even if he doesnt, the ball is on the 1/4 inch line, c'mon, 6'5 big ben, all he would have done is reached over hartings and it would have been a TD.

Just because the penatlities are one sided doesnt mean that they should call fouls or penalties on the other team to even things out.
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