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Default I wanted to bring you guys some good news!

Hey there guys I know with all this gambling problems in the NHL it has taken some of the pressure off of the the super bowl and the stink you guys were subjected to by the problems the refs created and the bad calls that lost Seattle the game and gave your team a bit of a tarnished reputation and a tarnished ring as well. So I wanted to let you all know about some great products out there that can clean those rings right up for you. In the Corp we use the Brasso a lot and it works well, but with how bad your rings are tarnished you might need the extra stuff here. So use them well and enjoy. I can help with the rings, but your teams reputation that was tarnished can only be helped with some better football and some new players, good luck on those problems huh. Take care guys and try to keep a stiff upper lip, it will all be over next super bowl and your team can just watch the game from the safty of their own home.
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