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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I have had many favorite depending on thier gimmicks.Like i used to love triple h but not when he is being a clown with shawn.By the way that whole dx gimmick isnt as cute when its so over the top (with the stubid marketing of thier items-alright we get the joke already) and when it's being done by 40 year men.I used to hate hulk but when he turned bad i loved him with the nwo,which was the best gimmick in the history of wrestling,until they went over the top with it adding the wolf pack and the fact that almost the whole roster was part of them.I loved justin credible as i loved old ecw.I have to say as my brother is freidns with him i also like shawn waltman (aka-six pack,123 kid) And i hate wwe now as i cant stand the jon cena gimmick and that whole guest gm is getting old already.Yeah i watch tna now and yes it's great that hogan is coming in there but they sure are streching that as much as that did that whole hogan vs sting story line (which was the best story line in wrestling until they went too long with it but that first match was great) in wcw.I would love to see vince russo who is a writer come with hulk as i dont think bisoff adds anythign to it as he will just dod his wcw things in there.I think at the end of wcw was thier best years when they had russo and bisoffs as bad guys on there.And i also heard that pyscho sid is coming with hulk to tna so that sould be interesting.
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