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Originally Posted by Shea View Post
I need help in two areas......

First, how do you quote multiple people within one post? I've played around a bit, yet I can't figure it out.

Second, how do you include the quoted post of the poster you've quoted? (..I wonder if that makes any sense?) Sometimes you need both posts to make your point.

Any help would be appreciated!
Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
"second" first- i think that takes cut and paste. but then again i am pretty much a computer moron, and as long as ive been here just learned to use "mq" in the last year. i still dont know half of this boards features (dont ask me how to put anyone on "ignore").

however, next to the quote tab is "MQ".

click that for all the posts you want to quote. when you get to the final post you want to quote click the "quote" box you would on a normal quoted post and it will also include all those you "multi quoted".
Hot damn, I did it!

I had figured the MQ came into play but didn't know the trick that comes at the end to hit the normal quote icon.

Thanks Tony, I really appreciate it!
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