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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Yeah,that shawn is a great guy.He is doing indy shows now.He has had a tough road for sure and chyna was just one those speed bumps on that road.I have not heard about who else hogan wants to bring in.But if tna has a drug policy i don;t think rvd will be coming with him as that;'s what got him out of the wwe.I would hate if hogan brought in the guys you mentioed as that's just the same OLD same OLD,if you know what i mean.You got to do something new and not the same storylines.I mean with sting i can see them doing the same hogan and sting they did with the nwo.Where sting shows up in the rafters.Man that's getting old.Tna has alot of young talent and theres alot more at indy shows.Bring them in and create something like ecw did.I mean if ecw had the money they were on the verge of being a power to vince and the wwe.It's just that vince has all the money and power and can buy networks the other can not.The whole wwe is going the way of wcw and that is old.Its the same people vs the same people.But because there is no compition vince doesnt haveto wrroy about putting a good or decent product out there.And usa doesnt care about rating obviously as thier rating are not all that great.And this guest host thing is not that much of a opush to them as i bet they though it would be.And the last tv show i went to was a smackdown taping and they had the wcw black tarp over the upper levels in the arena.
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I agree with you about the whole DX thing! It's also cool that your brother is friends with Waltman. He wound up in some hot water with Chyna didn't he? I also heard that Hogan wants to bring RVD, Savage, and Austin with him. Austin came out with a statement saying he wanted to stick with acting, which is too bad!
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