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Default Re: Boise State BCS Thread...

Well, for one, TCU playing Clemson = one real win for TCU. There's really no team in their conference worth mentioning other than maybe BYU. Second, the ACC is kind of a jokey football conference. Clemson is 8-4, and if they lose to GT in the ACC CG, they'll be 8-5. So how much weight should we really lend to that one win?

As for the argument that nobody plays Boise at Boise, well, Oregon did this year. The problem with scheduling home/away series with legit big BCS conference teams is that "The Blue" only holds 32,000. No way a USC or OSU or Alabama is going on the road to play in a 32,000 seat venue.

Finally, the "gateway", IMO for non-BCS schools to play in a BCS game is HEAVY OOC scheduling, even if they have to do it on the road, and an undefeated schedule both OOC and in conference. Boise? Oregon was tough, but the rest of the OOC was Bowling Green, Miami (OH), and UC Davis, which I believe is a D1-aa school. FAIL.

TCU? Virginia and Clemson are better, but they also padded their scheule with D1-aa Texas State. FAIL.
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