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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

For all you wrestling fans on this thread.Its a sad day as another wrestler has not seen thier 40th birthday.As "umaga" has passed away.Its bazare how many wrestlers have passed away by the time of that age.The sport is for entertainment but it has taken alot of people from us way too soon.My prayers and thoughts go to his family.There was this web site that i went on that had the list of all the wrestlers that have passed away and it's strange to read the same ages-30,34,31,33,37 etc.I read that he got cut in june because of refusing treatment for failing Under thier so-called "wellness program" that they just started to deal with the drug problem in the sport.Umaga was wrestling indy shows and was currently on the "hulkamania" tour that was over in australia just last week.Umaga was like alot of them on that list were dealing with thier demons.As it takes a toll on thier bodys and have to take pills to get themselves to deal with the sport.I know it's a choice that they make but if the nfl had a list like this something would be done way before this.Can you imagine if the nfl had a list of like 100 players who have all dies before thier 40th.Because thats what wrestling has.I remember when hbo did a story about the drugs and it's when vince went off on bob costos.It gave a great insight to the sport.One wreslter said he was taking like 30 pain pils a day or something like that.But what got to me was they showed this wrestler, chris spiccoli-(spelled wrong i believe ),and they had this tape of him walking the halls of his hotel just fried out on pills and he could'nt find his room in his underwear.He was just going to every door and hitting off the walls and just staggering down the hall.He is one of them that did'nt see his 40th.And what was really sad is that he had finally made it to the show.As he wreslted in the wcw and finally made it to a ppv and a major storyline after years of working bit parts and indy shows.He was suppose to wreslte larry zibesco.Chris got to be a nwo member and a sidekick of scott hall and the night before the ppv they found him dead in his hotel room.And call me a baby but it brought tears to my eyes to see that story and watching the ppv when they said the news on it.Just sad to me,umaga you will be missed.
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