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Default Re: Seattle: no margin for error

In any event, we did put the "pigskin in the end zone". And then the ref took it away. Later we put it on the 1 yard line, and the ref took it away. Big Ben didn't put it in the end zone, but the ref was all too happy to signal touchdown once Ben placed it across the line.
AustinSeahawk, you came out in another thread and stated that you were here to congratulate us on our team's victory and the Seahawks had chances to win and squandered them. Then you go and post this statement. I will tell you the same thing I told another Seahawk fan who was more upfront with us. This is what I posted in another thread:

On the ONLY TD that the Seahawks scored, it was setup by an INT run back to the Pittsburgh 18 yard line, during which Ben Roethlisberger was blocked in the back by a Seahawk defender (he was actually in front of the defender before this happened, so maybe this would have been his second tackle of his career). Check out this thread to see pictures of it.
So, in retrospect, the only TD that Seattle scored was aided in part by an UNCALLED PENALTY. Had this been called, it would have been enforced 15 yards from the spot of the foul, which appears to be around the Pittsburgh 38 yard line, giving Seattle the ball at their 47 yard line. So the Seahawks benefitted 35 yards on an UNCALLED PENALTY on their ONLY TD of the game! So, if you are going to complain about the penalties that went against you, look at the ones that did not and should have.
Oh, and this little statement,

and a higher 3rd down completion percentage.
is wrong. The Seahawks converted only 5 of 17 attempts on third down for a 29% conversion rate. Pittsburgh converted 8 of 15 attempts for a 53% conversion rate. Go here for the OFFICIAL Stats since you seem to think the Seahawks did so well and the Steelers did so poorly.

Most of the difference came in the first quarter, when the Steelers failed to gain a first down, something I will give the Seahawks D some, but not all, of the credit on. Conversely, had your receivers, specifically Jeremy Stevens, been able to catch, I'm sure the Seahawks would have had more yards. And holding the league MVP to less than 100 yards rushing is a pretty good feat for any D. Our offensivel line also kept the league's highest total sack Defense to 1 while the Steelers D managed 3, one of which our NG used ONE hand to pancake your All-Pro center. So to come here and say you come in peace and then go on to say your team got robbed of TDs by the officials and flat outplayed the Steelers on both sides of the ball just doesn't add up.
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