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Default Re: Boise State BCS Thread...

Schedules are made years in advance, non BCS teams usually have a good year and fade away into nothingness. Your theory suggests they schedule USC, OSU, UT, UF, etc annually. Those teams can only play so many people. They scheduled Clemson, Clemson is usually a decent football team and when the schedule was made they were almost assuredly a top 25 team. Similarly BSU played Oregon and won! OSU, USC, UT usually schedule only 1 strong ooc game. That's exactly what BSU and TCU did, it's no different. If you say you can't control the conference schedule than let's not talk about it. Essentially, since they didn't schedule a top 5 football power you want them to be punished by not going to a BCS game. That hardly seems fair. They have a quality win AND WENT UNDEFEATED. Something neither OSU or Oregon did.

BSU beat a team ranked higher than OSU, being Oregon, and higher than any team OSU beat. I would say their 1 quality win is superior to any OSU has on its resume this year. Clemson is a top 25 team and that's not too far off from a #20 USC, OSU squeaked by an Iowa team without their starting QB, and I have no clue in the world how Penn State is ranked so higher. (If anyone can clue me in I'd love it, their Strength of schedule is in the bottom 20 and they beat NO ONE) so I'm not sure the quality win argument holds much water their either. Then take into account they went undefeated and again we arrive back at they deserve it more than Oregon and OSU. How can you put Oregon in a BCS game over BSU when BSU beat them?!

I just don't see why if conference schedule can't be helped, why they should schedule more than 1 strong OOC game in order to just GET INTO a BCS game, when 1 strong OOC game gets a BCS school into the NC game? If that's what it takes to get into a BCS game how would a non BCS school get into the NC game. There is nothing left after your logic runs its course. Keep in mind BSU didn't just beat the potential Rose Bowl champ, they humiliated them. However, arguing that Oregon, or conversely OSU deserve to be in a BCS game over a team that beat one of those schools kind of ends after that very statement.
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