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Default Re: ? for the sig makers...

I have had the Corel suite, which has a "PhotoShop" analog, and have various Adobe "Elements" apps as well. While I'm not a graphics professional, I have extensive experience in concept and presentation development and delivery from decades in the corporate rat race.

That said, most of us have two very valuable applications on our PCs - PaintBrush and PowerPoint that have tools to do fairly sophisticated stuff. I have run into only a few situations that I had to go outside those two, and those were due to the limitations of vendors that "just had to" have PSDs to work with.

I do custom McFarlanes as a hobby. I do all the graphics in those two apps. They're relatively easy to use, have lots of good tools, and are probably within your reach.

Before investing in another app, try these to get a feel for graphics and see if you really need to buy more stuff.

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