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Default Re: Seattle: no margin for error

Originally Posted by AustinSeahawk

I'll respectfully disagree just for fun!

To say we weren't good enough to win is wrong for several reasons. First of all, if statistics mean anything, we won in almost every category. We had the better QB rating, offensive yards, fewer turnovers, and time of possession. I believe the only area we didn't beat you in was rushing yards, which we lost narrowly when Parker ran for 75 on one play.

Secondly, we had several opportunities to either take the lead or extend the lead. Unfortunately for us, some of those opportunities were squandered by penalties that the majority of the country felt were unnecessary or just plain wrong (and even honest Steeler fans should acknowledge that some of the calls were iffy).

Finally, we were able to sustain drives on a continual basis, despite the point production. We had many more first downs than the Steelers, and a higher 3rd down completion percentage. The Steelers were inconsistent on offense, and took advantage of three very large plays for their scores, rather than long, sustained drives.

Now, I'm not saying that the Steelers weren't good enough to win, or even that they didn't deserve to win. I'm just defending my team by pointing out that we most definitely were good enough to win. That's why the game was so close. It was much closer than the 11 points you won by, and frankly I think the Steelers should be relieved that they won.

I'm happy for you guys, but I wouldn't brag TOO much about how badly you beat us. Fair's fair. Enjoy your trophy and prepare for next season, cuz we plan on meeting you in Miami!

The only reason you had more time of possesion and yards was because of our horrendous first quarter and the fact that on the possesions we did score, we scored fast. Then after this we ran the ball the remaining 6 minutes and mucked you out. Answer-Seattle wasn't good enough.
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