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Default Re: Lets go Pitt Football!

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Something just isn't right with Pittsburgh football this year. First the Steelers, now the Panthers. Well, with the Panthers, nothing was ever right. At least the Steelers won something, and still have a chance to do something.

Pitt will never succeed under Wannstedt. He is simply not a good coach. He does less with more, meanwhile Brian Kelly does more with less in no time at all. The Bill Stull experiment is over, and Wannstache has just about had it. We've seen five years of mediocrity. Five Years of nothing. Five years of losing to Ohios, Bowling Greens, NC States, getting shut out 3-0 in low-profile bowl games against mediocre PAC-10 teams. Five years of "We didn't run fast enough".

Wannstache has tried and failed. It's time for a new direction.
I look at it this way.....Pitt just took up all the bad karma from the Steelers tomorrow.
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