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Default Re: Boise State BCS Thread...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
You simply cannot ignore in-conference schedules like that. Ten years from now the Mountain West conference will still be a joke, and these teams KNOW better than to schedule D1-AA teams if they want serious bowl consideration. If we go back to the premise that D-1 team should be penalized for padding schedules against subdivision cupcakes, well, there ya go...the penalty is that they get skipped over by bigger programs with tougher in-conference schedules who ALSO schedule tough OOC games and DO NOT play subdivision teams.

i.e. Oregon and OSU =more deserving of BCS on EVERY count but record.
-They are BCS conference teams.
-FAR tougher in-conference grinds
-Just as tough OOC games
-NO D1-AA teams

I'm sorry, but TCU and Boise have GOT to schedule consistently harder OOC opponents to make up the slack for their absolute joke of a natural in-conference schedule they play if they want consideration. That, or try to move into a tougher conference, OR go independent.

Bottom line is TCU and Boise will both grab a BCS game this year, and they may even face each other (hearing that Fiesta is looking at the match-up). That's a big win for them, and, given their present situations and all the other circumstances outlined above, is as good as it's going to get for either program.
If TCU and Boise State do play against each other i think id be leaning toward TCU, but thats just me.
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