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Default Re: Stay with us Wiz !

Originally Posted by silver & black
I have heard all the Al Davis horror stories you can find. Do remember how tired you were/are of the spin the media used/is using to taint your SB win? Anyone with a brain knows it is bullsh*t. Try and see this the same way.

The Raiders and Al Davis are hated around the NFL, and the media feeds like a bunch of starving sharks off of it. I am not about to say that every bad thing you ever heard about Al Davis is a lie, but damn, most of it is far from the truth!
I doubt Ilkin, who was 'asked' by Art Shell to 'help-out' when Shell was Davis' Head Coach (Davis' response to Shell about Ilkin helping-out was "What do we need HIM for? YOU were an Offensive Lineman yourself!" ), would go on-air and make that claim unless it is widely known to be true, and/or couldn't back it up with witnesses.

If you wanna think that a few questionable calls during a football game will 'taint' this Super Bowl victory, so-be-it, but it won't be 'tainted' ANYWHERE-NEAR the level of Al Davis' track-record of dealing with people, and his football team's results the last 20 (7 playoff appearances, 6 playoff game wins ) seasons, which speak for themselves in Black & White.

If Coach Whisenhunt decides to take the job in Oakland, I wish him nothing but the best (until he plays the Stillers ):
all I'm saying is that he can do MUCH-BETTER if he waits......

Parcells is just another heart-beat from vapor-lock, too, if Jerry Jones will stay out of Whisenhunt's way, and the Raiders 'thug' modus-operandi began when they knocked-out Swann from behind, when he was 40 yards away from the play:
it had nothing to do with 'racism' when Art Shell was hired to coach that team years later.
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