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Default Re: Stay with us Wiz !

Originally Posted by MNsteelers
I'm trying to figure out why you can find so much loyalty for an owner who has moved and tried to move his team several times, hasn't won in decades, brings in shady personnel/makes the wrong personnel moves and doesn't let his coaches do their job. The post about Gruden earlier was completely correct; he got out of there because he wasn't going to win because Davis is too offensive-minded.

Wiz is a great fit in Oakland and with Davis. There is no way he's not taking that job, so let's not be naive and wish him the best. He did a fantastic job and he deserves his chance to be great. Granted, success in Oakland can't be too difficult considering they've won nine games in two years, but Wiz won't be compared with Norv Turner. Best of luck Coach Wiz! Thanks for the Super Bowl!
Why are Browns fans so loyal to their team? Why are you so loyal to your team? The Steelers haven't exactly been setting the world on fire either, untill recently. Every team has or will go through a down period... the Raiders are experiencing their's now. I remember a time when I heard quite a few Steeler fans calling for Cowher's head.

I am a loyal Raiders fan because they have been my team for 38 years. I remember the glory days. No, we don't have as many SB wins as you do, but we have played in 5 of them and won 3 of them. The Raiders have appeared in the SB in 4 out of the last 5 decades.There aren't too many teams that can say that, in fact, no other team can say that. We have 3 SB wins, 3 AFC championships, 15 divisional championships, the winnigest record in the NFL on MNF, and untill recently, the Raiders were the winningest pro sports franchize in the world... period!

Why is anyone a loyal fan of whatever team they root for? I don't know. Would it be better if I were to become a die hard Steelers fan now, because my team is experiencing some bad years right now and the Steelers are on top? We all know what we call those kind of fans, don't we?

Enjoy your stay at the top. You may or may not be there for a while, who knows... In the NFL, nothing is forever. Look what happened to us after winning three staight AFC West titles, an AFC Championship and a SB apprearance!

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