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Default Re: This Seahawks fan's two cents, for what it's worth

Originally Posted by AustinSeahawk
I clicked on the link to the right of Holmgren, and it's a 10 minute video of the Steelers victory parade. No footage of Ben's touchdown plunge.

If you believe that is a football that the line goes through, then where is his right arm? The arm crosses, but the football is under his chest. I've watched the game over and over on my DVR, and have yet to see the ball cross the plane.

BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that it doesn't really matter to me, because as I've said before, I think that you guys would have scored anyway on 4th and goal at the 1 inch line, so it's a moot point. It's not my intention to argue over video clips, pictures, or rules interpretations. I simply wanted to congratulate you guys and let you guys know that we're not all bad Seahawk fans.

Questionable calls or not, we didn't win, and you guys have the trophy. Time to look forward to the offseason!
If it matters, then go back and watch above replay and click on the CORRECT video, not the one next to it. His arm is under the ball, what some delusional squak fans are calling the ball is another Steelers helmet, and his right arm is where it should be, attached to his body on the right part of his body and not seen in this picture.

If it doesn't matter, than stop responding.
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