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Default Re: Stay with us Wiz !

Originally Posted by 4xSBChamps
I doubt Ilkin, who was 'asked' by Art Shell to 'help-out' when Shell was Davis' Head Coach (Davis' response to Shell about Ilkin helping-out was "What do we need HIM for? YOU were an Offensive Lineman yourself!" ), would go on-air and make that claim unless it is widely known to be true, and/or couldn't back it up with witnesses.

If you wanna think that a few questionable calls during a football game will 'taint' this Super Bowl victory, so-be-it, but it won't be 'tainted' ANYWHERE-NEAR the level of Al Davis' track-record of dealing with people, and his football team's results the last 20 (7 playoff appearances, 6 playoff game wins ) seasons, which speak for themselves in Black & White.

If Coach Whisenhunt decides to take the job in Oakland, I wish him nothing but the best (until he plays the Stillers ):
all I'm saying is that he can do MUCH-BETTER if he waits......

Parcells is just another heart-beat from vapor-lock, too, if Jerry Jones will stay out of Whisenhunt's way, and the Raiders 'thug' modus-operandi began when they knocked-out Swann from behind, when he was 40 yards away from the play:
it had nothing to do with 'racism' when Art Shell was hired to coach that team years later.
I never said that a few bad calls would taint your victory. I came on here and stood up for the Steelers against that crap. I have not, and will not say anything to detract from what the Steelers did. I was using it to point out how the media will try to twist things to suit their need... most of the time it involves controversy... that's what sells.

This incident that you cited may very well have happened. All I'm saying is that, Al Davis is not the anti-christ that the media and the NFL make him out to be. It just makes for good press to keep the myth alive.

Let me play devil's advocate for a minute. Wiz is at the top of his game right now, this minute. His stock will never be as high as it is at this moment (possibly). What happens if the Steelers have a bad season next year? It doesn't seem likely, I know, but...

If he stays with the Steelers (which, I personnaly think he will) it is a gamble on his part that the Steelers will have another great season, and he will be sought for a HC position again. If the Steelers don't have that great season, for whatever reason... loss of players to FA, injury, etc.... then, hind sight looks real good. It is a tough situation to be in. I have no doubt that Wiz will be a HC somewhere, if it isn't with the Raiders, before his career is over.
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