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Default Re: Stay with us Wiz !

Originally Posted by 4xSBChamps

....... and the Raiders 'thug' modus-operandi began when they knocked-out Swann from behind, when he was 40 yards away from the play:
it had nothing to do with 'racism' when Art Shell was hired to coach that team years later.
Did I throw out the racism card? No! The Raiders had a reputation for that kind of stuff way before that game or that particular play. I can see where you be upset over it. I would be too if I were a Steeler fan. The Raider's image was that of a hard hitting, intimidating, in your face, do something about it if you can, football team.

The "thug" thing is another animal altogether... an undesreved monacre. It definatley stems from the time of Art Shell, gangster rap, and gang bangers.

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