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Default Re: Stay with us Wiz !

Originally Posted by silver & black
Wiz is at the top of his game right now, this minute. His stock will never be as high as it is at this moment.
You are correct on all counts here, he is in a position to deal from STRENGTH, not weakness, so why would Whisenhunt subject himself to a once-proud organization, whose owner, if he looked at who REALLY ran his team so-poorly the last 20+ years (himself ), would fire that man instantly, yet he won't allow himself to do that?

Evereybody here realizes and accepts that Whisenhunt will become a Head Coach, and that he'd probably like to do it sooner-rather-than-later:
I just don't think that he has-to jump at THIS job, at THIS time, for THIS owner/organization.....

He'd be better-served if he could find structured team/organization, with either a young QB and 'mould' him (ala Manning in New York ), or take an aging super-star with something left in the tank, as Shanahan did in Denver with Elway in the late-'90s:
at this time, Oakland offers neither the 'stability', nor the QB, for either criteria to be met.....

..... but as my Dad used-to-say "what the Hell do 'I' know about football....."
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