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Default Re: Ben throwing early and often

Ben is going to be so dangerous this year.

One year under his belt,a MUCH EXPANDED playbook,clicking with the recievers,he should be able to read defenses this year,plus Heath Miller at TE so he has a "saftey valve".Teams are going to have to cover Miller,because he'll be a first down threat and defiantly a TD threat in the red zone.We better throw on 1st and 2nd down...avoid the 3rd-and-longs.

However,I don't want us reverting back to 2003's plan of all pass-no run.We are NOT the Colts.But when you have both the passing and running game going like we will/do,you have the play-action pass to your advantage.When they don't know what your coming with,they are screwed.

More balanced attack=play-action pass.Play-action pass=ownage of teams.Ownage of teams=Super Bowl win(s).I like the math I am seeing.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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