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Default Re: Boise State BCS Thread...

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Only reason I said ignore it was because I was operating on the premise you stated earlier that we ignore in conference strength of schedule because it cannot be controlled. There is no premise that they get penalized for scheduling D1-AA teams. Who gets penalized, perhaps if it were set up that way, maybe. As it stands right here right now, there is no such penalty.

Last I checked, plenty of of FBS teams play FCS teams, UM, UF to name 2. Again, I'm not sure there is much validity to that argument. I would also surmise that many of the top FCS teams could handle the lower half of the FBS teams with ease. So simply saying you schedule a cream puff from the MAC, the WAC or the MWC over a FCS team doesn't automatically get you a pass in my analysis. Take into consideration the Big 10's miserable bowl and out of conference record in the past few years, I'm not sure you can just summarily state they have a tougher in conference schedule.

How can you ignore the fact that Boise beat Oregon? Is that not the ultimate test of who is more deserving?
OK, Boise beat Oregon. I remember when Florida and FSU played as 1 and 2 in the regular season in 96. FSU won the game like 24-20 or something like that.

They met in the NCG a few weeks later and Florida DESTROYED FSU by 30.

Yes, Boise beat Oregon...WAY back in September. So, what do you want, then, Boise and TCU in the Rose Bowl?

OK, well, the Fiesta will just snap up Oregon (close proximity) and OSU (great history playing in Glendale).

I also cannot ignore the fact that Boise and TCU play in shitty conferences. If they truly want to play in national championship games, they need to address that. Move. Go Independent. Load up on OOC games. DO SOMETHING about it. Right now, their current course of action seems to be complaining.
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