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Default Re: The Cold Hard Facts Redux

thanks suit. i thought about looking back for the link that was posted, cause i wanted to read this spew again for a good chuckle. the "stone cold football truth" is that they were flat out wrong and this garbage was more about hope and wishful thinking than it was "the facts". i think it was really written to combat all the steelerfans who are still convinced that the 2001 steelers were better team than the pats and the same as the 15-1 steelers.
pure propoganda. im sure if these guys havent been hospitalized for administering eachother gojo cream enimas, theyre cooking up something right now to debunk this 5th title.

facts is:


although there are way too many holes in their argument to address i think the funniest is the steelers being in the weakest conferrence. do you think they said this about the bills who got to beat up on the 1-15 colts, 1-15 patriots, 1-15 jets on a yearly basis? of course not.

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