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Default Re: Did anyone hear about this

Originally Posted by silver & black
I see. The mod in question would be Kita Red, I think.

I tend to stay out of the mod's ways around there.. for the same reasons you mentioned. As much as I love the forum over there, I find the mods to be very biased in their "moderating".

There are quite a few bannings going on over there these days... I don't agree with many of them, but, what are ya gonna do? All I can think is... losing for three straight seasons takes it's toll. Raider fans are a bitter lot these days, and our bitterness seems to breed a lot of short fuses and malcontent... even amoung ourselve's.

Hopefully, we will start to turn things around next year. Stop in and try it again... there are quite a few very knowledgeable and intelligent people to talk with... just be a little respectful, and you will be more than welcome at
Aplogies for not getting back to you on this Silver.

My I.P is banned from so I wont be making any more appearances there - which is probably good for my blood pressure!

They've been great for a while now, three Super Bowls' worth of great. But only this season have the New England Patriots become The Show, the must-see team of stars, pretty boys and reformed bad boys. Suddenly, the Patriots are not simply great; they're compelling, fascinating, appearing to be almighty and a touch lawless.
The Patriots didn't bother with swagger to start this NFL season; they went straight to defiant. Either you're one of them or you're about to get crushed.
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