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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Section 6 - Offsides Haggans

This is very blatant offsides.

Both Haggans and Hampton are in the neutral zone before the ball is snapped.

This call looks worse on replay than it did in real time.

Hampton cannot move before the ball is snapped - he got a jump on the centre - it is the snap of the ball that determines the offside status of haggans - not the position of Hampton.

Terrible call.

Section 8 - Horse Collar Porter

This is a blatant horsecollar tackle right in front of the sidelines.

Porter leaves the ground whilst holding on to the shoulder pads of Alexander until he has hit the ground.

Terrible call.
Came across this post and I had to register in order to address a couple of your comments.

1st issue I have is where you stated "Hampton cannot move before the ball is snapped". I'm not sure exactly what you meant there, but of course Hampton could move before the ball is snapped. Now he cannot move into the neutral zone, causing an offensive player to move, but that's it.

2nd issue is the horse collar comment. The horse collar rules state that a horse-collar tackle is an open-field tackle in which a defender uses the shoulder pads to immediately bring a ballcarrier down. The term "open field" means that horse-collar tackles committed near the line of scrimmage will be allowed.

Porter dragged Alexander down, it was not immediate. When Roy Williams tackled Terrell Owens, Owens was brought down immediately. That's what the league wants to prevent. There also might be an issue or whether or not Alexander was in the "open field". There were only 3 horse-collar penalties called this whole year. It's more than grabbing someone by the back of their shoulder pads for it to be a foul.
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