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Default Re: Steelers vs. Raiders Game Day Thread - 12/06/09

Actually today I will say that the ST was the ONLY shining spot.

The offense took too long to get going and once again let an inferior team hang around. Going for it on 4th and 1 in the red zone and not getting the three, there goes the tie. Ben throwing the pick in the end zone, there goes at least another three and the win. Logan set them up great on the opening kickoff and they failed miserably.

D was shaky once again. William Gay was just plain horrendus. Ike wasn't too far behind with his play. There was virtually no pass rush and Bruce F'ing Gradkowski threw for 308 yards and 3 scores! I can't understand how this team can fall apart in the 4th quarter so often.

Oh well, another Super Bowl slump I guess. Troy is starting to become the next Bob Sanders too. I can't believe this team is that bad without one man in the lineup.

I believe the wildcard is out the window and sadly the Steelers deserve not to be in the playoffs. They havev let too many games slip away this season.
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