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Default Re: Chicken @#$% BCS

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
I love the match up...why the Ef would I want TCU at 12-0 vs Iowa at 10-2 or Boise State at 12-0 vs Georgia Tech at 10-2?

Give me the two undefeated Non BCS Teams squaring off to see who really is the best of the non-big boys.

I love the game. Seriously...unless Cincy had a shot at either one of those teams, I love the matchup.

This way, both teams are playing for something, both teams show up, no let down for missing the title game as the BCS Team, like Bama or Oklahoma have done these last couple seasons. Give me 2 hungry teams, that both can score, out for something to prove any day of the week.

Its a GREAT FOOTBALL match up. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just being a whiney bitach and really just wants a playoff system and will point to anything as an excuse to argue for one.
Exactly, why should TCU or Boise get punished by playing substandard teams like OSU, Iowa, Oregon or GT. Let the 2 undefeated teams play and let the 2 loss teams who couldn't hack it in worthless conferences play each other.
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