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Default Re: Heisman?

Originally Posted by kmsteelerwr15 View Post
They don't have to take anyone off. It's just like last year when they left off Graham Harrell. They need to acknowledge someone like Spiller; he was the only player to score a TD in every game played and they were from rush, pass, and returns. Spiller is a player who is a true threat no matter where he plays on the field.

I remember watching something on ESPN and they said that Spiller wouldn't be invited because he is not a "winner". Well if they want the best players from the best teams as opposed to the best players in the nation; then just like the BCS the Heisman will become a joke. Now i know that they invited Suh and Gerhart but seriously we all know they won't be in the top 3 in voting and I honestly believe it's because the teams they are on.
Idk about that, alot of voters on espn who have decided to let us know who they voted for or who they would vote for and alot say Gerhart.

I also thought there was a limit to who could be invited to the Ceremony too, thats why i said who do you take off that list

I do like Spiller and i agree he probably deserved an invite, imo Gerhart wins.
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