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Default Steelers obscurities

Zamir Cobb #19 WR- after his rookie year in 04 after being a RFA and signed to the steelers, was Temple's career and single-season reception record holder.Was put on IR after a leg injury, has been looking better ever since his comeback to the field this year,as said by Bill Cowher.

Willie Parker #39 RB -After last years Bills game ,When Willie broke a big run agaisnt a top rated D. Said"If i ever get the chance to do so again iam going all the way". and it looks that way a bright star in the RB spot.

Bryant McFadden #20 CB - After his first Mini camp Coach bill cowher was more impressed with this rookie then any other.

Matt Kranchick #88 TE -During the off season got a trainer to adjust to the added weight he gained and work on his routes, said he thinks hes even faster then he was before when we signed him. Has speed and 6'7 frame.but with our pick of heath miller in the draft it might be to little to late.
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