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Default Re: Chicken @#$% BCS

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
FSU beat Florida in their 1996 (I think???) game like 31-24. The teams were #1 and #2. They rematched in the NCG and Florida DESTROYED THEM by 30 points.

College ball is a lot different than the NFL. If this was college ball, the '95 Steelers were relegated to the Masengil Douche/Ladies Speedstick Feminine Hygiene Products Bowl the second they lost their 3rd game. But they lost 5 regular season games and still won it all.

Agree about the BCS which is, more or less, what this is really all about...
But, that was unfair to FSU. They had to beat Florida twice to win the MNC, but Florida only had to beat FSU once. Without a playoff, it will always be a mythical national championship.
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