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Default Re: Steelers vs. Browns Game Day Thread - 12/10/09

Originally Posted by CB1977 View Post
Looks like it was the other way around!!

What happened to you guys last night? Not that I'm complaining but it sure didn't look like the Steelers.

Come to think of it, it didn't look like my Browns either!
That question will likely be answered by the followign:

Arians Sucks/needs to be fired
Ben Sucks
Tomlin Sucks/needs to be fired
Lebeau needs to retire
The O-line sucks
The D-line sucks
Browns got lucky

It just depends on which doom&gloomer answers the question. Personally, I think too many people are too worked up over this. Like you, I'm glad for the victory...but it's only #2 on the season...and this late in the season...that means that we're "lottery pick" regardless.
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