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Default Re: Rod Woodson in Steelers jersey....

'nuther couple of happenings today.....

Two sweet young things in brand spanking new Seahawks jerseys - - Hasselbeck, of course - - went walking past..... There were two guys standing there.... They gave the girls the once over, and the one guy looked at the other one and said, "I'll bet you $500 right here and now that neither one of those bimbos know the Seahawk center's name"..... The other guy replied that there was no way he was gonna make that bet....

A group of 4 or 5 folks came walking past with "Who Dey???" t-shirts on..... I have never passed up an opportunity to cause mischief, so I sort of said, "We dey!!!!" without moving my lips.... They kinda stopped short with mean looks on their faces and looked around to see where this voice came from...... I happened to be sitting next to a Catholic Priest in full long black robes - - he is a neat guy - - loves football, and keeps trying to get an Arena FB team going here...... Anyway, I was the only one around with a Steelers shirt on, but they weren't going to tangle with a old grey haired lady sitting next to a priest!!!!! I caught them on it two more times as they walked past...... Made me giggle!!!!

Going to slather on the aloe now - - I just looked in the mirror - - if I were a lobster, I would be well done!!!!!!! Yikes......
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