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My brother went to high school with and was on the wrestling team with the "muscle shark" sean sherk.So he would have to be one of my favorites as he is from what was my hometown.And from my home state as so is another one of my favorites- brock lesnar.So i guess i am a homer.Me and my brother just met brock at a signing he did right after he "ktfo" frank mirs.And he was really nice and talked to both me and him.And even though the rules said he would not personalized he had no problem with doing it when i asked him.I am sad to hear what has happen to him as i think he could be champ for awhile as there is noone in the ufc right now that could beat him.Even if he cant fight anymore i just hope he gets better.It was big news here in minnesota but have not heard anything more about it.And sherk has not been the same fighter since blow job penn beat him.And my all time favorite is none other than the "huntington beach bad boy" himself-tito ortiz.And i am not just saying that because i happen to be friends with his wife.As he has been my favorite long before they met.I have liked him ever since i first saw him fight.Which was years ago.I love seeing him back but he sure ran out of gas in that first fight back vs forrest "the puching bag" griffen.And now tito is fighting liddell again.Like anyone needs to see a 3rd fight in that series.Just like i hope they don'nt do a 3rd griffen fight with tito.
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