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Default Re: Rod Woodson in Steelers jersey....

Ive been lucky enough to go to Waikiki twice. the first time with my girlfriend at the time.
I had a great time. She spent a lot of time depressed and on the phone with her OA sponsor. We broke up within 6 months, but the pictures came out GREAT.
the second time was with my wife soon after we were married. It was during the NCCA tourney and BC made this great ruin by beating both North Carolina and Indiana back to back. the Regional final was on at like, 7AM, so i spent all morning in the hotel room watching BC lose to Florida. then i procedded to go outside and get the worst sunburn of my life. My wife told me "use oil, it'll help" i fried like a lobster. I spent all night on the tolilet floor wishing to die.
this reminds me of an idea for a new thread.....
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