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Default Re: Teletubbies is a WORK OF GENIUS!!!!!

Originally Posted by Chronicgaming
Hey, at least this post isn't about that purple dino. I think they started airing Barney after I outgrew childrens programming so I never had to watch it. I hope Barney is gone by the time I have kids, cause he would drive me INSANE.

My 6 year old nearly drove us over the edge with Barney when she was 2. One sunday afternoon we had to watch "Barney Castle" 6 times in a row. Barney's bad, but not as bad as those hideous actor children. phoney little creeps.
Tina. I HATE Tina. in one Barney video she had broken her arm. Good!!, i thought.
Michael was a little rump swap, always sucking up to Barney. And whats with BJ? Red shoes but no pants?
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