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Default Whats the worst time and place you watched football?

Ive had a few. Kind of like "The Best of Times" with Robin Williams and Kurt Russell when they were having a date with their wives and kept trying to peek at the game?
thats me.

I kept running out of my sisters wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn to catch some of the Patriots-Jets game on the TV bar. And the Patriots were like, 1-5 at the time (1981).

On my honeymoon with the first wife (1983) we found places to drive and stay all over New England. I sprung for Suiss Shalet (34.99) in Brattleboro,Vermont and as it was around 1PM on a sunday, when i just happened to put the TV on, WHOA! there was the Patriots-Steelers game!!! "Hey, honey, i didnt know this was on!!!" 3 hours later the Patriots had upset the Steelers at Three Rivers, clinched by a Clayton Weishun INT. My bride was down by the pool reading a book. the 4PM game was the Rams-Jets classic when the Rams all confronted Gastineau. Around 6PM the Mrs said she was getting hungry. "Oh, man....Oh, OK" around 7:17 we were off to the buffet.
needless to say, we were divorced by the 1985 SB run.

my fling, the woman who's shoulder i cried on after the wife left, didnt even notice me watching the Seahawks-Broncos game on the Mitchells Steakhouse TV set. This game would clinch a playoff berth for the Patriots if the Seahawks could have just made that FG.
My slamming my hand on the dinner table gave me away. But the Patriots still clinched on sunday with a win at home (and Patriots fans got electrocuted carrying the goalposts down Route 1.they touched a telephone line.)

My wife ( I found the love of my life in 1990) tells me she thinks its cute how much I love football. Isnt she great??

What are some of your pathetic football watching stories?
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