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Default Re: Chicken @#$% BCS

Like I said I stopped reading after that so perhaps I am opposite of what he said. I just don't think pre-season rankings are that significant. Take OSU for example, they'll be ranked in the top 10 regardless of a win or loss in the Rose Bowl. I think the rankings are more determined based on who is coming back and their performance throughout the season than on one bowl game. If OSU wins out, they'll play for the title, I can practically guarantee it. Likewise, you can virtually guarantee that for any BCS team. So far it has only happened once in the history of the BCS, to auburn, and in my humble opinion 10% of the time is not significant but for that year.

All I care about is quality games to watch. Outside of the NCG I don't even think about where that team would rank based upon a win or loss. I can't think the average fan does, they just want to be entertained. So as long as the BCS keeps getting the NCG right, what is the impetus to change it? So far they have been pretty spot on in that regard and the point of a playoff is to crown a champion. To me it seems like the teams who didn't do their job and take care of business want another bite of the apple. I think it's unfair.

So far it remains simple, win your games, play for the crystal football. Lose, trip up, take a week off, join the rest of the whiners and criers clamoring for another shot because you couldn't handle your business. That's how I see it. Not saying I'm right and anyone else is wrong.
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