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Originally Posted by kittenfantastico76 View Post
I'm happy to see Bama back on top again - last year was amazing but this year is even more so. Congrats to Ingram and the entire Bama line up and SO much love to Coach S!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

I never realized just how important college football was until moving to a state that has no professional team. I moved to AL 5 years ago and it's been an amazing college football ride. It was fun seeing how passionate people here are over college ball vs. how passionate people back home up north are about pro ball.
In most states with no pro team, College rules all...even in some states with college teams...the College team has a bigger following.

Look at Florida...there are probably more fans of Gators/Seminals than there are of Dolphins, Buccaneers and Jaguars combined.

Here in Ohio, it's all about OSU...even with two pro teams. OSU basketball is almost as big as Cavaliers basketball...and OSU isn't considered a premier basketball place to play by outsiders. (They're better than most people know though not an elite team year in and year out.)

In Pennsylvania, you've got Steelers/Eagles fans...and a HUGE following of Joe Pa and his Nittany Lions. Even with Pitt in there to cause some disruption...I'd venture to say that there are more Penn State fans than there are Steelers fans in PA.
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