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After last year Moss didnt live up to his hype.While EL played big all year, even when he stepped up to the num2 slot.U cant just look at the Wr's themselfs u have to look at there teams around them .So u have to look at both Qb's Ramsey VS Ben , in that case Ben wins by far, not only has ben won games but his team has trust in him. while Ramsey didnt even start until end of the year, and Gibbs doesnt have mush faith in him as a Qb and with the skins going QB in draft it seems he isnt going to be the starting Qb for very long. Both D's are very good but the steelers were num1 D, while skins were the num 2 D in the legaue so both are solid. So after u look at the teams u notice EL is a better WR for FF .
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