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Default Re: jeff gordon looking for "1 for the thumb"

Who woulda thunk rookie Denny Hamlin would win the Bud Shootout and $200,000? Wow! He should be kissing Smoke's feet tonight after the way Smoke helped him out...(lol). My man Jimmie came in 5th. I'll take it, I guess. Gordon helped him out a lot today, which was nice, but Gordon had a pretty rough day himself. He sure did have a lot of problems both during qualifying for the Daytona 500, as well as during the Bud Shootout, but I'm sure he will be ready to go next Sunday being in the 2nd spot.

Speaking of Smoke... Would someone please tell Big Ben to give that guy one of those Gillette Fusion razors? Good lord... Smoke is a mess. He really needs to clean himself up. He looks like a slob...(lol).
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