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Default Re: Who do you want to win the SB?

Steelers are an AFC team, so all AFC teams are technically the enemy. I guess that doesn't matter either. There are few AFC teams I'll cheer for, if the Steelers are not there. I just will not favor any team that is nearing or has justa as many Super Bowls as the Steelers.

After the Patriots won and went to the Super Bowl, they instantly entered my permanent hate list. I don't like the Eagles and hate their fans. I do have a little respect now for the Eagles, since they produced a Super Bowl.

So my pick is more a lesser of two evils. I want the Patsies to suffer the loss in the big games. For chosing that, I'll endure the pain of hearing the Eagles fans flaunt their title in my face.

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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