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Default Re: Arts and humanities

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE
Dont know if i will find anyone on here, but hopefully i will.
Having a hard time with an essay question and since i end up at this site whenever i get fed up with school work i might as well ask...

Anyone know what High Renaissance sculpture is and how we can explain Michelangelo's DAVID representing high renaissance???

Well...I was just mulling this one over with some friends the other day and the conclusion we came to was that Leonardo da Vinci can truly be described as a genius of the High Renaissance and the definitive Renaissance ‘polymath’. His genius as a painter, draughtsman, sculptor, architect, inventor and engineer exemplified the Humanist ideal.

Ok ok.....I lied.

Have a look below.

The last couple of links have a search function - so you can play around with that to find what you want.

For the original search on google I typed - "high renaissance critique"

There is alot of reading for you there

Good Luck

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