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Default Re: Arts and humanities

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE
Dont know if i will find anyone on here, but hopefully i will.
Having a hard time with an essay question and since i end up at this site whenever i get fed up with school work i might as well ask...

Anyone know what High Renaissance sculpture is and how we can explain Michelangelo's DAVID representing high renaissance???

ok its been a while since art history but i am a michaelangelo afficianado. after the "dark ages" there was the renaissance which was pretty much a rebirth of the studies such as science, literature, art, philosophy (many studies that had been lost and shoved aside) etc. many artists in the 15th and 16th century started refering back to the classical times of the greeks from when they were at the height of their society. as stated, artists like michaelangelo and da vinci would actually preform dissections to learn the intricacies of the human form to make their works as real and anatomically correct as possible.

michaelangelos david is probably the most famous and recognized sculpture in the world and it has been for about 500 years. even with modern technology a more accurate depiction of a man in stone would be difficult to make, than what michaelangelo did with the naked eye and schetches. no one could do a better DAVID or perfect it.

it is said by some historians that michaelangelo single handedly brought an end to the high rennaisance period (an art period he helped usher in and make famous) because after all his works, noone could do anything to top them. he advanced an art period to its threshold. after him everything in the same style was looking like an immitation.

or some bullshit like that. really just reword a few sentences there and say he was the best and im sure you will get credit for the question. and if you ever need help with michaelangelo trivia (b. 1492, lived 89 years, 4years to paint the sistine ceiling for pope julius II, 7 years spent on the altar wall) i am your man.
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