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Default Enjoy your Superbowl win. Colts will dominate next year.

At least that's what the fools at ESPN think.

All the Patriots were out with injuries this year. So I decided to skip the Pro Bowl and watch some BBall instead. Both games started at the same time, so I was flipping channels while waiting for the game to start. Unfortunately, I stumbled across the ESPN Pro Bowl Pregame Show and briefly thought I might watch a little bit of the game. Fifteen seconds later I was fighting an intense urge to puke my guts out.

They billed the Colts as "clearly the team to beat next year." Is there some sort of idiot contest going on here?! What's "clear" to anyone capable of rational though, is that Pittsburg, New England and even San Diego are all better than the Colts. And that's just the AFC.

The only difference with the Colts latest choke job is they didn't even manage to win one playoff game this year- probably because they didn't have Denver to beat up on.

The Colts remind me of the current Yankees. All the offense money can buy. The patch together 90-100 wins against bottom feeders and mediocre teams in the regular season. The playoffs come around, they have to face teams that actually have pitching and they fold. Fact is, they never should have been there to begin with. They were built for the regular season.

The Colts are the football equivalent of the Yankees. They are soft, gutless whining chokers. To compare them to real football teams like the Steelers and Pats is a disgrace.

It's time time for all the Manning ballwashers to stop disrespecting the real teams and the game of football with their BS. If they want to be in love with the Colts, fine. While they are on-air I expect objective analysis. Enough is enough.

Even a monkey will stop touching a hot stove after 2-3 times of being burned. Sadly and incredibly, these guys are acually less intelligent than monkeys.

Anyway, enjoy your Superbowl win guys. Very impressive run this year. Never thought I'd see Cowher win a SB. Congrats.
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