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Default Re: Steelers could pursue Bryant?

Antonio Bryant after the 41-0 Steeler whipping this past season............

"Humble pie, what?" he asked, refusing to back off from his stance. "You make me out to be the bad guy, and they ran a good scheme against our offense, but personally -- personally -- I can separate myself from the team and say, I don't feel they have one man over there that can cover me one-on-one. Go ask [the Steelers] if they covered Antonio Bryant one-on-one. Go ask them."

Basically, what I got from this quote. Hey, we lost, but me, me, me, me. He "separates" himself. He's talking about himself in the third person? What?!?!?! It get's better...............

"You ever heard of a video game called Tecmo Bowl?" asked the former Pitt star, "There were about eight [offensive] plays in Tecmo Bowl, four runs, four passes. So the other guy could pick your play. He can probably be 70 percent right in picking your play. That's how I felt today. They were guessing all of our plays."

Yeah, we also were "guessing" all of the Seahawk plays on our way to winning the Super Bowl.

If I recall correctly, wasn't this also the same guy that threw his practice jersey in the face of Bill Parcells?

I will be praying tonight Antonio Bryant is not sporting a Steeler jersey next season.

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