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Default Re: Arts and humanities

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE
Well here it is:

Question #3: Discuss the principles of High Renaissance sculpture as noted in the “A Matter of Style” feature box, and explain how Michelangelo’s David represents them.

The High Renaissance is characterized by impressive themes and styles. A cultural and intellectual movement of the Renaissance that emphasized material concerns as a result of the rediscovery and study of the literature, art, and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. It is a system of thought that centers on humans and their values, capacities, and worth. In Michelangelo’s sculpture, David is naked and may represent wealth, heroism, and divine qualities. The sculpture may also represent Michelangelo’s own perception of the perfection of man, since he himself was gay. Michelangelo’s David is probably the most famous and recognized sculpture in the world. Even with modern technology a more accurate depiction of a man in stone, it would be difficult to make a more accurate duplicate of man than what Michelangelo did with the naked eye. The High Renaissance helped shape David and bring to him life like qualities.

For thoes who: Does this sound right???
Homosexual is fine - gay sounds a little off - but im not too sure what is sexuality has to do with his perception of the 'perfection of man'....but then im no expert.

If you find yourself using the same descriptive word multiple times in a paragraph try using - and use the thesaurus option - will give you some other viable options.

Nice job so far.

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