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Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Kobe drops another 40 and leads the MVP race so far this season!! (at least according to ESPN)
Possibly...but ESPN disagrees with itself to a certain extent.

I'll shorten it down to the categories...(the results may surprise you, but the explanation is given for each category)

Category No. 1: Perimeter shooting: LeBron 10, Kobe 9
Category No. 2: Pure scoring: Kobe 10, LeBron 9
Category No. 3: Making teammates better: LeBron 10, Kobe 8
Category No. 4: Primary defender: LeBron 10, Kobe 9
Category No. 5: Secondary defender: Kobe 10, LeBron 9
Category No. 6: Impact in transition: LeBron 10, Kobe 9
Category No. 7: Rebounding: LeBron 10, Kobe 10
Category No. 8: Intangibles: Kobe 10, LeBron 9

So who's the best player? Our final tally is LeBron 77, Kobe 75.
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