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Default Re: jeff gordon looking for "1 for the thumb"

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
we seem to have a nice little nascar following here. maybe we should do something like pick the playoffs for the daytona 500.

for instance everybody try to pick the 5 drivers who will finish 1-5. points are awarded according to the finish position.
3rd=3 and so forth.
whoever scores the lowest point total wins.

or going off the odds you posted everybody has $100 in hypothetical cash to bet on 1-10 drivers. you could put 50 on kyle petty and 50 on kyle bush. or you could put 10 on 10 favorites, or put it all on a longhsot etc. whoever has the winner and places the most on them to win, wins. if noone picks the winner, whoever picks the highest finisher and puts the most money on them wins.
I like the idea of the odds but it would be pretty hard with 5 or more people to keep track of all the bets and doing the calculations... The first way is much simpler and easier to do but the second way is a little more fun I would say

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